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A Paradise Waiting to Be Realized

Ever since I started working in Malaysia, I have found myself falling more in love with this place. Living as an American in one of the more conservative Asian countries has been nothing short of a challenge with the constant adaptation necessary in order to make a living here. Despite that small issue, it has […]


Most Prestigious Colleges in Singapore

My oldest son is about to graduate from primary school, and I want him to start looking at colleges that he might attend next year. I have every intention for him to go to college, because college is important, and it is a way to get ahead in life. I know he will go far, […]


The Saving Grace of Speaking English

It has only been a whole single month since I arrived in Singapore to continue my education in business (pursuit of an MBA in Singapore simply seemed like a better idea) but already I have come to value and appreciate the efficiency of their architecture. As a city which has limited space, they no doubt […]