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Working with Just One Hand

For the first time in my life, I broke one of my bones. The bone in my left hand became broken when I punched a guy int he face who was trying to steal a purse from a woman on the subway. It was a scary situation, and I wasn’t sure if that guy had […]


An Alternative Method for Earning Money

On a forum that I frequently visit, someone made a thread about alternative ways to make money. The person had lost their job and needed to get $200 by the end of the week. People replied to this person with random answers, like doing random tasks by signing up for a crowd source website. Another […]


Just in the Nick of Time

I left a positive Ewen Chia review online after trying the marketing plan created by him. He got me out of quite the jam that involved an angry landlord. I was a little behind on my rent because I had been laid off from my job and hadn’t been able to find something to replace […]