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Getting All of Our Business Software to Talk to Each Other

When you computerise your business, you need to not compromise and end up making more work for your employees. When computers first started becoming common in business, the switch from paper to computer seemed to be a mix of successes and failures. Now most things are digitally stored, but you can still have too much manual involvement with data that can be automatically processed. We used the services of a company that does software development in Leeds to automate a lot of the manual processes we were handling daily with all the data coming in that we use to produce and market our products. I will give you an example.

We were using an app that customers could download to their Android and iOS devices. Read More…

My Wife’s Special Birthday Week

My wife does so much for all of us. She works extra hard so I can get through the overtime days where I work 16 hours and have a two hour commute and keeps her full time job too. Plus, she is incredible and tireless with the kids. I do not know how she manages to do it all. I get worn out just watching her. For her birthday I bought her gift cards for her favorite clothing store, and I bought her a nice gift certificate for a Bristol beauty salon that she likes. I made it so she could get whatever she wants at the salon. Read More…

The Formal Wear of Equine Sports is Lost on Me

Our son is into golf. The clubs and green fees do not make it the cheapest sport a teenager can choose to pursue. However, if he ever gets to pro level, the investment would more than pay for itself. Our daughter was not interested in any traditional sport, but she really got the itch to participate in sports where you need a horse to compete. Buying and keeping a horse is a bit more costly than green fees and golf clubs. However, the smile it brings to her face makes it worth it. My wife is into equine competition wear fashions to make sure our daughter looks her best during competitions. I must admit that I would never have paid attention if she was wearing traditional equine rider gear or just her normal jeans and shirts. Shows you how little I know about the fashion etiquette in the horse rider world. Read More…

Getting the Best Hybrid Bike

The first time I heard the term hybrid bike, I honestly had no idea what it meant. I was in the market for a bike though, and I wanted to make sure I was getting the best one. Because of that, I researched everything I could about bikes before making a decision. I was talking to my buddy Ruiz Morgan and we determined that a hybrid would be good for me, so I then did a search for the best hybrid bikes available. Even though I did not have a lot of experience with bike riding, I knew that I would excel at it soon enough. That is why I wanted the best bike possible.

I liked the idea of a mountain bike as well a road bike. Read More…

Feeding a Newborn Who Bites

When I first started feeding my son breast milk, it was the cutest sight. He would close his eyes and suckle until he was full. Eventually, my son started to bite while suckling and it hurt. My son would bite down so hard on my breasts that they would become sore. I wanted my son to get the nutrition from breast milk, but I didn’t want to put myself through pain to do it. As a solution, I looked for the best breast pump that money could buy. Pumping out the milk and putting it into bottles that could be heated makes it possible to still feed my son the milk he needs, without having to deal with the biting pains.

I had a choice between getting a manual pump and an electric pump. While the electric pump did look nice, it was more than I was willing to pay for a breast pump. Read More…