Feeding a Newborn Who Bites

When I first started feeding my son breast milk, it was the cutest sight. He would close his eyes and suckle until he was full. Eventually, my son started to bite while suckling and it hurt. My son would bite down so hard on my breasts that they would become sore. I wanted my son to get the nutrition from breast milk, but I didn’t want to put myself through pain to do it. As a solution, I looked for the best breast pump that money could buy. Pumping out the milk and putting it into bottles that could be heated makes it possible to still feed my son the milk he needs, without having to deal with the biting pains.

I had a choice between getting a manual pump and an electric pump. While the electric pump did look nice, it was more than I was willing to pay for a breast pump. I wanted something more affordable that would get the job done. The manual pump takes a little longer, but it still works well and is only a fraction of the cost of an electric one. The manual pump also has the advantage of being more portable than the electric ones, so anywhere my son and I go, the pump can follow, allowing for feeding whenever I want.

I use the pump in advance so I can always have some milk ready to go when my son needs it. It doesn’t take much effort to pump out the milk, and it doesn’t hurt either. The pump also gives my muscles a short workout. I think my grip strength is actually improving because of the pump. Whenever my son starts crying for milk, I just take out one of the bottles that I pumped earlier and give it to him.