Fighting Depression with an Animal Companion

In the past year I’ve seen a doctor for clinical depression. I had this feeling of nothingness that wouldn’t go away. My options were to try medications or seek out some form of alternative therapy. I didn’t want to become dependent on some kind of drug, so I looked for alternative means. The doctor suggested that I try a form of animal therapy. There are horse racing syndicates located in my city that allow people at any skill level to learn how to race horses. I could see why an animal would be a good way to cure depression in a person. Animals are usually lovable and playful, but a horse didn’t seem like the best option.

Upon arriving at the syndicate, I saw trainers running around on their horses, with some jumping over hurdles. It was like I had entered the Churchill Downs, only with the women in large fancy hats missing. One of the horses walked right up to me and neighed. It started flapping its tail around and moving its legs like it was doing a dance. It was pretty funny, and I couldn’t help but crack a smile. The horse had gotten away from the holding pen by accident. The trainer got the horse and apologized for it bothering me, but I told the trainer that I didn’t mind.

I got a horse of my own to ride from the syndicate. It was the same horse that walked up to me and started dancing around. There was something about this horse that seemed special. I can’t tell if the horse knew that I was suffering from depression, but it did make me feel better. Whenever we weren’t riding around the track, the horse would keep doing funny movements that made me laugh. When I petted and brushed it, the horse would neigh happily.