Getting All of Our Business Software to Talk to Each Other

When you computerise your business, you need to not compromise and end up making more work for your employees. When computers first started becoming common in business, the switch from paper to computer seemed to be a mix of successes and failures. Now most things are digitally stored, but you can still have too much manual involvement with data that can be automatically processed. We used the services of a company that does software development in Leeds to automate a lot of the manual processes we were handling daily with all the data coming in that we use to produce and market our products. I will give you an example.

We were using an app that customers could download to their Android and iOS devices. The purpose of the app was to generate customer loyalty along with acquiring new customers. The app was supposed to tie different data streams together to keep track of what each customer’s interests were and then present them with the most relevant offers that would appeal to them. However, there was too much manual handling of the data. Each customer would download the app and set up an account. Then that account was matched to a purchase profile. However, the integration had a lot of manual steps employees handled on the back end. We wanted it fully automated to be instant for the customer. This required a new app to be custom written to eliminate manually handling the data it needed for it to work.

Integration of software is critical in business, but not all of the applications you use in business are friendly to each other. However, software engineers worth their salt can automate processes to save time and the bottom line. We used to have to duplicate database records for one application on another one that used a different kind of database structure. It required manually updating the records every business day. We still use the same two pieces of software, but the database conversion and sharing is now automated due to the help of the company that does software development in Leeds.