My Wife’s Special Birthday Week

My wife does so much for all of us. She works extra hard so I can get through the overtime days where I work 16 hours and have a two hour commute and keeps her full time job too. Plus, she is incredible and tireless with the kids. I do not know how she manages to do it all. I get worn out just watching her. For her birthday I bought her gift cards for her favorite clothing store, and I bought her a nice gift certificate for a Bristol beauty salon that she likes. I made it so she could get whatever she wants at the salon. Then we went out to dinner with her wearing a new outfit with shoes and accessories and having her hair done perfectly just the way she likes it.

That was not the end of the surprise. I actually talked with her boss at work to arrange a long weekend off for her in order for us to have a mini holiday. The kids were all set to go to my in-law’s home, and I booked a weekend at a Bed and Breakfast. I had my wife’s sister pack a bag of all the things my wife would need on our weekend of all new stuff so she would not be suspicious seeing clothes and other items missing. There was a new hair dryer in there and all of her personal makeup and other products were new in the bag. I wanted to be ready to go when I picked her up from work.

She was a bit nervous thinking I may have forgotten something, but even our two dogs were staying at my mother’s house. My wife thought the Bristol beauty salon was the end of her birthday gifts, but I had more of a birthday week planned for her. She deserves that and so much more.