The Most Memorable Party Ever

We had such a spectacular year at work that the owner of the company wanted to throw a memorable end of the year party for everyone. He knows how much I enjoy planning events, so he asked me to plan something that would wow everyone. He gave me a very generous budget, which meant that I could expand my search for corporate party entertainment ideas. It did not take me long to find what I wanted to do for all of us. I was able to find a company that provides endless means of entertainment, and I was able to select several things right from their website.

We already have a caterer that we use for all events, so I was able to plan a great meal through them. Read More…

Started Looking for Some New Gadgets to Sell

Started looking for some new gadgets to sell this morning. Of course I have been planning to see what was on display at the CES show in Las Vegas, but I have to do that by way of Youtube as I have no real travel budget at the moment. I was looking at a lot of different things. I am trying to get hold of a sample of a device called a selfie stick. It is this thing that you place your smart phone in and then you are supposed to be able to take a better selfie. I have to get hold of one and form my own impression of whether or not it is going to be worth trying to sell or not. It seems like the sort of thing that is going to be a very personal thing, as in there will be a lot of divided opinion on whether or not it is a cool gadget or it is some sort of dork stick.

Of course people have been doing this sort of thing for a long time. Read More…

Reseller Programs for White Label SEO

I am tired of running my own operation, and it seems to be too much work. So what I am currently doing, is looking for a white label SEO reseller program (check out to sell all of the content that I have aggregated to. I am getting out of business, and so I need to sell this content, because it is worth quite a bit of money.

I am fearful that it might take awhile to resell all of the content that I have generated over the few years that I have been a member of the SEO scene. I guess that I will have to do my best, and accept whatever money I get. I have generated a lot of revenue through the ads that I have placed in this content over the years. Read More…

Decorators for Greater London Area

I have decided that I am no longer satisfied with the way that my house looks. It just feels so bland and sometimes it is overwhelming. I really have grown to dislike it over the past year, but now, I am ready to do something about it. I am going to look into hiring painters and decorators in London to see what sort of improvements I can have done to my house.

One thing that obviously needs to change soon, is the color scheme of the interior of the house. I just feel like it is out-dated, and I guess it is a bit weird to consider different color schemes as being attached to different periods of time, but I definitely that it is the case that mental biases arise against certain color schemes over time, due to their popularity in various periods of time. Read More…

Living Life As Pain Free

I don’t know where I would be today without the help of the chiropractor in Marlborough who helped me learn to manage and mitigate the pain that I’ve been experienced for several years now. When I was younger I was involved in a fairly terrible accident that left me with a near constant twitching sort of pain in my left leg. I can’t describe this pain well but know that it was nearly consistently radiating in my right thigh which would cause my muscles to twitch in pretty terrible ways. At thirty years old I was often walking with a limp!

I knew that I would have to do something about it. Read More…

Where Trains and Horns Meet

I have always lacked an interest. A hobby, you know. I’ve never been able to really find myself being able to get into anything with any sure passion or desire. I’ve tried my best to get into anything to occupy my down time but I have never been able to find anything but gaming. At least, that was until I came across and discovered a whole new type of hobby! See, I was always under the impression that a hobby had to involve actually doing something. You know, like painting or building or playing with whatever it was that I was into.

I guess I have always kind of looked at hobbies in a very linear fashion! So when I discovered that I could actually collect train horns and air horns? Yeah, I admit that I am all about that. Read More…

We Needed to Assess Our Leadership Abilities

I have been part of an executive team for the last decade. Part of the reason why I am so successful in what I do at my age is because I am not afraid to do what is right, even if it means doing something that is not popular. Others recognize this as a good trait for the most part, so I didn’t hesitate when I felt that we needed a leadership assessment within our company. While I respect my fellow executives, I felt that some had simply forgotten what it is like for the people who work underneath us.

Our jobs are definitely stressful, but we are also there because we are capable of handling whatever comes our way. I could sense a trend developing though in the ranks, and I felt that something needed to be done before we became a sinking ship. When I talked to the owner of the company about what I wanted to implement, he thought it was a great idea. Read More…

Started Looking About for a New Job

I was thinking about what I am going to do, looking in to what you need to learn to drive a taxi in Bristol for example. I know that there is a real tough requirement if you want to do that in London. My uncle was telling me that he once tried to get a London taxi cab license, to drive one of those little black cabs that they have all over the city of London. You do not just get to be one of those taxi drivers easily. It is a whole lot harder than that. You have to take this test and the test involves the fabled thing that they call The Knowledge. Read More…

Getting Quality Auto Repair Service

Anyone who has never needed a car repair is truly a lucky person, as it is a pretty common occurrence in today’s world. Cars and truck are getting more complex and complicated than ever, so it is getting harder and harder every day for people to do their own auto repair work. Sure things like changing the oil or replacing a filter may still be possible, but major problems are often borderline impossible to fix without tons of tools and experience. Many vehicles are very specialized, so hiring a company like the options for truck repair in Rockland County NY is sometimes flat out necessary.

Of course the hard part about not being able to do it on your own is that you must then trust whoever is doing the work. The bottom line is that nothing will stop them from taking shortcuts or doing a bad job if the truck seems to be working when they are finished. Everything may seem fine, but in reality there is a chance for even more problems to occur because of the patchwork job that was done. It is hard to prove anything malicious or negligent either, since auto repair is never a guaranteed exact science.

Fortunately if you stick with a company that has a reputation for making customers happy, you will likely end up enjoying the service too. If other customers are happy it indicates that they generally do whatever it takes to get the job done right, and they will continue down that path in order to uphold the reputation and keep it from being ruined. This means that estimates on costs are more likely to be accurate and work is more likely to be done right the first time around, which should make getting repairs done a much less stressful situation.

Security in Our Homes and Neighborhoods

Security is becoming more paramount in the uncertain times. With technology ever increasing in potency and ease of use, falling into the hands of the every day users who years ago would have never been able to actually have access to such tech, we are seeing a battle between criminals and those that would want to keep their homes safe from them. With devices like IP Cameras, cloud based data and even cameras that are capable of streaming video lives 24/7 and upload the data at the same time, criminals are doing what they can to make themselves unseen by the increasing amount of eyes on them.

This, of course, is also becoming a problem for those who are concerned about their own personal security. Read More…