The Formal Wear of Equine Sports is Lost on Me

Our son is into golf. The clubs and green fees do not make it the cheapest sport a teenager can choose to pursue. However, if he ever gets to pro level, the investment would more than pay for itself. Our daughter was not interested in any traditional sport, but she really got the itch to participate in sports where you need a horse to compete. Buying and keeping a horse is a bit more costly than green fees and golf clubs. However, the smile it brings to her face makes it worth it. My wife is into equine competition wear fashions to make sure our daughter looks her best during competitions. I must admit that I would never have paid attention if she was wearing traditional equine rider gear or just her normal jeans and shirts. Shows you how little I know about the fashion etiquette in the horse rider world.

From the gear that goes onto your head to the boots on your feet, there is equine competition wear that is practical, traditional and makes a fashion statement. If they left it to me to pick out her clothes for competitions, I am not ashamed to say that I would likely commit many fashion faux pas for horse ridding competitions. When I do ride a horse, I am wearing jeans, a tee shirt and athletic shoes. There are no boots and jackets and pants that tuck neatly into the boots. I just jump on the horse and go. Competing is a whole different story.

When my daughter and I do ride together on local trails, she has her horse and I pay to ride. Those rides are a lot less formal. She will even wear flip flops riding on a summer day with me, and I have no idea how she can even keep her feet in the stirrups with those on. She does not care when we ride like that. Neither does my wife when we all ride together. However, on competition day, it is all official equine competition wear for her.