The Most Memorable Party Ever

We had such a spectacular year at work that the owner of the company wanted to throw a memorable end of the year party for everyone. He knows how much I enjoy planning events, so he asked me to plan something that would wow everyone. He gave me a very generous budget, which meant that I could expand my search for corporate party entertainment ideas. It did not take me long to find what I wanted to do for all of us. I was able to find a company that provides endless means of entertainment, and I was able to select several things right from their website.

We already have a caterer that we use for all events, so I was able to plan a great meal through them. I wanted to have entertainment not only after dinner, but before and during as well, since the company owner told me to make this extremely memorable. I had a live band performing before the meal, plus magicians and other entertainers wandering through the tables, entertaining guests as they did. While dinner was served, a string quartet played some beautiful music that was both classic and modern.

It was the after dinner entertainment that was the most fun though. We were able to have a casino atmosphere, which a lot of the employees and guests really enjoyed. There was much more though. We had live entertainment shows between the band and the professional dancers, and there was also a photo booth that had an extensive amount of fun props. Everyone had such a blast, and my boss told me that it was definitely the most memorable party that he had ever attended. If we have another good year, we are going to do the same thing again. Everyone is working hard to make sure that happens!