Working with Just One Hand

For the first time in my life, I broke one of my bones. The bone in my left hand became broken when I punched a guy int he face who was trying to steal a purse from a woman on the subway. It was a scary situation, and I wasn’t sure if that guy had a knife or a gun. Luckily he didn’t, and the police were able to get him. My broken hand prevented me from being able to work at the post office, so I sat at home, reading some Ewen Chia reviews while I healed.

The reviews taught me that I didn’t need two hands to make money, I still had my right hand, which was my dominant hand. I could write with it and type with it. I used that one hand to start up a website and used that website to practice some affiliate marketing. Typing with one hand takes much longer than when you have two hands, but you can still get the job done if you have the patience. It took me a couple of hours to finish the website, but after that, I didn’t have to do much else to it.

The website worked for me, rather than me working for it. With just a couple of key presses and a slight movement and click of a mouse, I could check how much money I had gained during the day, and adjust the website to make even more money. If I had known working from home was this easy, I would have never taken the job at the post office. There are some good people at the post office, but I would rather not have to deal with everyone else. I might move to a more part time position once my hand fully heals.